FIT-ZEL Euro-trans



The EURO-TRANS is a versatile trailer for professional vehicle
transportation. A payload of up to 2850 kg payload makes the EUROTRANS
unique in its class due to the full aluminium construction and
self-tilting mechanism. A safe driving behavior is ensured by the low
loading height from 58 cm. With the EURO-TRANS series you can
configure the trailer to cater to your individual needs.
A holistic approach for increased efficiency
. Lightweight design for high payload
The EURO-TRANS offers a high payload ratio thanks to it’s full
aluminium design. With loading areas from 4.15 m to 6 m length, the
EURO-TRANS is able to transport heavy vehicles, SUVs and long
commercial vehicles effortlessly.
Fast loading and unloading increases productivity

With or without a towing vehicle – the EURO-TRANS is ready to go in
a few seconds. The self-tilting mechanism operates once the vehicle
reaches the optimum weight position and smoothly locks into place
. Suspension for maximum driving safety
The EURO-TRANS is available with a choice of axles and tires for every
application. The X-Line suspension with swing axle provides a safe
driving behavior at all times. The swing axle is also available with an
optional lift axle