About Vanclaes

Vanclaes Boottrailer voor Speedboot 5

Who is Vanclaes BV

We are the developer, brand name holder and producer of the Vanclaes stainless steel boat trailers and Vanclaes Marina Equipment. Vanclaes produces its own products in Alphen aan den Rijn and exclusively supplies them to consumers all over Europe via a carefully selected network of dealers and partners. Stian Duijvelaar, entrepreneur and product developer, is the head of the organisation. Vanclaes is unique because it uses stainless steel in its products and because of its unique, highly functional designs. In addition to industrial products for the marina market, Vanclaes also has the widest range of boat trailers on the European market. This makes the company an ideal partner for aquatic sports companies that specialise in the sale of both smaller boats and bigger yachts. Naturally, price is an important part of this industry, which is why Vanclaes offers a suitable high-quality solution for every budget. Vanclaes is quick, affordable and the undisputed leader when it comes to quality.
How does Vanclaes do all this?

Being quick and affordable while still performing at a high level of quality is not something every company can achieve. Vanclaes therefore devotes a ton of attention to the production of its various products. Vanclaes makes extensive use of modular construction and it controls its own component production and order-based assembly lines. This provides enormous flexibility and enables Vanclaes to offer affordable prices, while still using only high-quality components and materials like stainless steel and KTL/Powder coating. Vanclaes is also aware, however, that in the end it is the people that do all the work. That is why we would like to introduce the Vanclaes team to you here.