About Fifthwheel

To link a Fifth Wheel you need a converted car with a flatbed. Under the body will be built a subframe to the chassis. The subframe can vary by car brand and type.

The bowl of the coupling lies in the support frame under the body. In the photos, this is clearly visible. By coupling instead of a “dish”, therse’s no torque on the chassis of the car. To convert, a 13 pin connector is required for connection of the electrical braking system of the Fifth Wheel.


Car modifications available:
1. Isuzu D-Max
2. Isuzu N-serie
3. Toyota Tundra
4. Ford F150 (model 2015)
5. Mercedes Sprinter
6. VW Crafter
7. Landrover 110 high capacity truck
8. Landrover 130 crew cab
9. Nissan Navara (model tot 2014)
10. Volkswagen Amarok









Advantages of Fifthwheel
Practical advantages
Additional capacity because of ball pressure on the car
Keep your flat bed of the pickup with special hitch in floor
Suitable for multiple pick-up car brands
With laser-cut package, a lower weight of the trailer
Advantages on driving
Additional comfort by link at the top rear
Agility (with the Isuzu N-Series)
Possibility of easy attachment and removal of areas and urban
Width & length to suit the application
Flexibility, ability to multi-car trailers
Flexibility, ability use a trailer with distribution system for multiple applications
“Used all seasons”
Practical advantages
Electric brake system
Designed with FEM
Ease of maintenance
Cheaper to maintain
Up to 20 years lifetime